Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apple Taste Test and Trader Joes!

Don't you love Trader Joe's?  Look at all the easy apple products we found while shopping!  We could have added an apple pie, apple sauce. and fruit leather as well but we wanted to make the prep easy on ourselves so we stuck with 6 apple products (we found the apple newtons at Walmart).

Today everyone tasted freeze dried apples, apple slices, apple juice, apple cereal bars, apple newtons, and cinnamon apple snack sticks! After sampling the products our firsties drew a picture of their favorite apple product and we created a graph!

They had so much fun and everyone tried every single product!  We used photos of the product packages for our graph and it turned out great!  When they were leaving class today they were already talking about what pumpkin products they could taste and trying to convince me that a favorite candy graph would be a good Halloween graph!