Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We Are Thankful For You!

We have been on a blogging break but are returning in time to thank you for reading our blog.
This year we put a new spin on our "Thankful Writing"!

We have been working with thinking maps and decided a tree map would fit perfectly with this lesson!  Our kiddos brainstormed a list of nouns that they were thankful for!  We had them break it down into people, places, and things on our map!

We then had them complete their own tree map listing at least two people, places, and things they were thankful for.  In a later center the students took they information from their map and wrote a sentence on their paper.

We used this lesson to introduce the use of commas in a series of words.  They had a great time and the finished product came out GREAT!  If you want to try this freebie please click here!  Hope you are have a great month!  Thanks for visiting our blog!