All About Us

Hi!  MalibuMutts is made up of a team of three National Board Certified teachers, Wendy, Erica, and Sheryl, who work together in Malibu. We have been laughing, creating, teaching, and learning together for 20 years. This past year we decided to share our knowledge and creativity with others by starting a blog and TPT store. We have had so much fun and a little bit of frustration during this learning process, but we look forward to connecting with others who want to come along on this journey with us. We hope that we can in some way inspire you...or at least make you laugh a little because as we all know, sometimes that is what gets us through the days!:)

Here is a little bit about each of the Mutts.  

Wendy is a UCLA graduate born and raised in Santa Monica, California. She has two boys and three darling puppies (her girls). When Wendy is not at school teaching first graders, she is chauffeuring her boys to baseball, basketball, soccer, football, and swim practice.  Wendy is fun and is always up for anything! She is very crafty and you should see her homemade treats! During her time off she loves to spend time in the mountains skiing, golfing, or playing tennis. Her favorite thing about teaching is watching a student when they have their WOW moment.
Wendy's sons, Tyler and Conner, in Mammoth Mountain, California. 
Sheryl graduated from USC and is a third generation Californian. She taught first grade in Newport Beach for 6 years before getting married and moving to Malibu. She joined Wendy and Erica's team when she became the part-time Reading Specialist at their school while her own girls were students. She is now back full-time after taking years off to raise her girls with her husband. She continues to work along side them in a Kindergarten-TK position. She loves to sail, surf, travel, and play with her family. Sheryl loves being creative and can often be seen trying out some new medium to make a new project to use in her classroom. Sheryl feels grateful to have a job that starts each day with a smile and ends with a hug. How lucky are we?:)
Makenzie and Delaney at Oaks Christian's 8th grade graduation!

Erica graduated from UCLA and grew up in Calabasas, California. Erica lives in Malibu with her husband. She and her husband are world travelers who have visited over 80 countries by train, boat, plane, bike, and foot. She has been to every continent exceot Antarctica. Every school break and holiday she has planned another adventure and is off getting another stamp in her passport. (We are just a little bit jealous!) She has brought back so many different and unique treasures from all over the world.  Luckily, she likes to share and our students love it! When not busy at school, Erica loves to hike, bike, and is an amazing photographer. Erica and Wendy have been team teaching for the past 20 years.

Doing Arctic research for our Polar Habitats Unit!