Friday, August 17, 2018

Word Wall Part II

6 DAYS until the first day of school!!!

We are at the point were we really can't do anymore to set up our classroom until
our class lists are set!  So we are working on little things to make sure the
 beginning of the year runsas smoothly as possible!

This is the first year we are using Fry's for our word wall. 

We created an adorable word wall but wanted an easy way to see what words the
students had mastered.  To accomplish this goal we made these easy to use
print-n-go flash cards and assessment record sheet.

To make recording easier we broke the list into lists with 10 words each.  This allowed us to create a sheet of flash cards for each list and made it easier for us to use the recording sheet.  

We printed the flash cards on different colors and laminated them. 
To make storage easier we put our on rings, but you could also use a file box or baggies. 
Now, we can easily pull a set of cards and assess our kiddos on the go.
 We also have several sheets of each list printed on white card stock. 
We will give these to kiddos who need a little extra practice.
 They can cut out their cards and take them home to work on! 

If you use the Fry's list for your word wall and want these resources you can grab them here!

Friday, August 10, 2018

It's About Time!

Learning to read an analog clock is so difficult for our kiddos!  
To help them we always add numbers to our clock.  

It it a fun and colorful way to make this challenging work more interesting and accessible. 
Clock Numbers and Clock Labels are the newest addition to our classroom decor this summer!  Keeping with our black and white theme we have the numbers 
with both black backgrounds and white backgrounds.  

We are still going with the black backgrounds to eliminate the clash with our not quite white walls!  

We also made o'clock, quarter past, half past, and quarter to labels to put next to our clock as well.  Last year we had bees but we think this look is cleaner. 

If you need clock numbers and labels you can grab them here!

Happy Back To School!

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Word Walls!!!

We love our smart boards but they replaced much of our bulletin board space.  
This made finding an ideal location for our word wall a struggle.  
This year we decided to try putting our word wall directly above our alphabet.  
This way all of our kids will be able to easily see it! 
We bought this adorable alphabet from Lavinia Pop last year.  
It is part of her Back to School Chalkboard Bundle.  

Our classrooms were painted last summer 
so we no longer have bright white walls. 
This made the white word wall cards clash with our district's blah beige paint
so we decided to make them with a black background and bold white letters. 
We tried laminating the words but the light from the windows caused a glare. 
We ending up simply printing the word cards on card stock 
(and not laminating them) 
and tacking them up to the wall with sticky wax. 

We think the sticky wax works almost as well as a hot glue gun!

We are using the Fry's Sight Word Lists for our word wall. 
It matches closely with our spelling program 
and the most commonly used words in writing

We have the words and small ABC headers for a word wall here
They are available with either a black or white background. 
We didn't use the headers but you may have more space 
for a word wall than we do!

Hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer!  Happy BTS!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Back to School Goodies!

We just found a super cute and simple Back to School gift for students!
A huge thank you to Teach With Laughter for the adorable 
"Glowing Back to School Student Gift Freebie"!
 If you would like the tags you can get them from her TPT store or click here.

Once we found the tags all we had to do was make a quick run to Target for the glowing bracelets!  They were even on sale - 15 bracelets for $0.50!  

We printed the tags on cardstock and used a paper cutter to trim them down.  
Two quick hole punches on each side and the gift was ready to be assembled!  
It only took about 15 minutes to make enough for our whole class!

Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Friday, August 3, 2018


One of our major summer projects was . . .

It took time but it is finally finished!

Like all teachers we had three main hurdles to
 a beautifully organized class library:  
Time, Money, Space!  
We never have enough of any of them!

To make the project manageable we spent part of our summer organizing and labeling our leveled library.  We had to clear out our rooms entirely so it was easier to start fresh this summer! One plastic storage tub of books came home at a time. Books were labeled with stickers (see below), sorted, organized into the tub, and returned to class.  
And the process continued with tub after tub until we finished!


Once we were able to get back into our classroom the set up began. We started by creating book box labels that matched our class leveled library stickers. We printed the labels on card stock, laminated them, and used a hot glue gun to stick the box labels onto our book baskets.   

These white baskets can be found at Walmart. They are also available at ~ 12 small baskets are $29.99 ~ about $2.50 each. We're using small baskets for the Leveled Library section of our class library. Because our kiddos are in Kindergarten and First, we'll start the year with two baskets for each of Level A-F books and one basket each of Level G-L books.  Last year we started the year with one basket each for Level A-Z books but it took a ton of space and our students were not ready for level M books until late January or February. 

The next step was to set up the rest of our library. We found larger white baskets and some turquoise metal tubs at Target and used these for our other books. We try to keep at least 10 baskets of books out by Author or Genre/Theme in addition to our Leveled Library. We switch up these book every couple of weeks (popular tubs may stay our longer).

If you would like these BOOK BOX & BOOK LABELS for your library please click HERE!
The labels come with either a black or white background and are editable!

We've tried several different ways to level our

libraries including:
Scholastic's Book Wizard
Level It is a great place to buy books 
if you need to add books for a specific level. 
While we were shopping on their site, we realized we could also use it to help level some of our books!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about organizing your classroom library!

Happy Organizing! Happy Reading!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Back to School Emergency Kit! The Perfect Teacher Gift!

This week we made these adorable
Back to School Emergency Kits
for my kids' teachers!
 This is an easy & super fun project to do with your kids.

First, you will need to decide on a container - there are all sorts of possibilities!
You can use a craft storage box (that's what we did 
- we ordered them from Hobby Lobby),
a mason jar (after our boxes came I saw some great ones 
at the 99 Cent Only Store),
a pencil box,
a first aid kit (they sometimes have these free with purchase 
of items at Target),
or any other container you have available. 

After choosing our container we headed to
the Travel Size section of Target
& the 99 Cents Only Store
to fill up on Back to School Emergency items. 
Our kit contains:

*Lip Balm
*Mini Lint Roller
*First Aid Kit
*Nail File
*Shout Travel Wipes
*Wet Ones
*Sewing Kit
*Diet Coke
*Fruit Snacks
*Assorted Candy
*Kind Bars
*Goldfish Crackers
*Quarters for the Vending Machine

Once our shopping was complete 
we assembled our Emergency Kit. 
We made a tag for the top of the container
and one to put on when we wrapped it.
The kids are all set to give their teachers a Back to School Treat!

If you want the tags you can grab them here!

Happy Summer!
Best of luck getting ready to go Back to School!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Come visit us at the
Southern California Kindergarten Conference!

These fabulous teachers made the cutest violins 
in our hands-on
STREAMing through the ABCs workshop!

Here's a yummy valentine treat for you!

This recipe is from our new 
STREAMing through the ABCs
Science in the Kitchen!