Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Amazing Alphabet

Love this idea from Babble...a little snack for every letter in the alphabet. I can't wait to include this in my daily alphabet activities. It is the perfect treat to use with our ABC Cut, Paste, and Print and Alphabet Animal units.
A- Apple slices
B – Blueberries
C – Cheese sticks
D- Diamond-shaped crackers
E- Edamame
F – Fruit and dip
G- Grapes
H- Honey Nut Cheerios
I- Homemade Icees made from 100% fruit juice
J- Jello cups
K- Kiwi
L- Life cereal
M- Mandarin oranges
N- ‘Nilla Wafers
O- Oatmeal bread
P- Pretzels
Q- Quesadilla bites
R- Raisins
S- Strawberries
T- Teddy Grahams
U- U-shaped bread and jam
V- Veggies and dip
W- Mini Waffles
X- Bags of Cereal ending in x: Chex, Trix, Kix, and Crispix
Y- Yogurt
Z- Pasta Salad with ziti and zucchini 

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