Friday, September 5, 2014

Family Books- A Fun TK-K Idea !

Conner, my pre-schooler,  started school last week and a homework assignment for the parents was to create a "Family Book" to keep at school.  We were asked to start with 6 pages!  It was so fun to make the book.  Conner had a great time choosing the pictures.  We headed to Michaels and got stickers and card stock that he liked.  We put each page into a page protector and Conner took his Family Book to school today.  He shared it with his class and was so excited to talk about what he had in common with the other students in his class.  My first grade son decided he should have a family book as well so we are headed back to Michaels so he can design his!

Here are the instructions we were given if you want to try this with your class or your own children!

Cover:  Name of child and photo
Page 1:  Family photo with names of members of the family
Page 2:  Extended family and special friend (photos and names)
Page 3:  My family likes to .... (include photos, words, pictures)
Page 4:  My family celebrates... (include photos)
Page 5:  My favorite song, books, poems... (include photos/pictures)
Page 6:  When I am at school other members of my family are at . . . work, school, home (include

We hope you enjoy this activity!  Happy Weekend!!!