Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Apples, Apples, Apples!!!

To take a break from the heat we decided to start our unit on Johnny Appleseed this week!
Johnny Appleseed Craft

We started by making individual Dutch Apple Pies!  The kiddos had a great time preparing the apple pie mixture and talking about the steps they had to take to make their pies.  Luckily we had a very helpful parent here to bake and bag the 50 mini pies for our students to take home for dessert!

Today we spent part of our literacy block writing How To Make An Apple Pie paragraphs.  We used the picture cards from our Johnny Appleseed Unit to sequence the steps for making apple pies.  The kids then wrote their own topic sentences, used the sequence cards to write the body of the paragraph and finished the project with their own concluding sentences.

Tomorrow we are going to have them publish their paragraphs and make the apple pie craftivity from the unit.  You can get the Johnny Appleseed Unit from our TPT store or by clicking here.