Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thank You Picasso

Can I begin by saying, “Thank you Pablo Picasso!” 
If you are like me, one of my favorite ways to teach my students Math, Science, and Language is to integrate it with art. The only problem is when my students compare their art to one another or I hear the dreadful words,
 “I can’t do this!” Then the fun disappears.

Luckily, Picasso invented the perfect style of art for beginning artists to feel like accomplished artists, Cubism. If you have ever wanted to do an art project where everyone in the room feels great about their creation, 
this is the perfect project!

We peeked into the life of Pablo Picasso by reading
 Jonah Winter’s book, Just Behave Pablo Picasso.
Then we discussed and viewed many different paintings that Picasso created using Cubism.

We focused on his painting,The Weeping Woman. 
After, the students created their own portrait 
 inspired by The Weeping Woman.

They turned out amazing and they had so much fun.
(For complete directions visit our TPT store.)

Our first graders will be working on another inspired work next week, Picasso's Bouquet of Peace

We will keep you posted.