Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Groundhog Day! Hooray!!

With Groundhog Day rapidly approaching we decided to combine a Groundhog Craft with Felicia Bond's story, The Day it Rained Hearts, to create a cute February bulletin board!

After sharing this story during read aloud time, we made this adorable groundhog.
Students then completed a math story problem.
We were short on time today so the kids didn't write their own story problem.
Instead, we used this one.  It was quick and easy!  They look adorable hanging in the room!

If you like this activity it is available for FREE!
If you love groundhogs and want a more in depth unit we have a complete mini unit available as well.  You can see it by clicking here.

We ended our day by discussing whether we thought Phil the Groundhog
would see his shadow tomorrow.  We talked about what we knew about shadows
and the weather forecast for Pennsylvania tomorrow morning.
The students were tasked with going home and talking to their families
and writing down a prediction!
To help them remember their homework assignment
we passed out baggies of chocolate and vanilla Oreos!

 We found this adorable freebie by Jennifer Drake on TPT!  

If you want it you can get it by clicking here!  
Happy Groundhogs Day!