Friday, February 10, 2017

First Grade Fun with Pablo Picasso!!!

Today our firsties learned about Pablo Picasso!
At the end of the lesson we all knew that Picasso was a famous artist...
not a soccer star-as one of our very energetic kiddos thought when we first said his name!
We learned about his Blue Period, Rose Period, African Influence and Cubism.
They loved looking at The Weeping Woman, The Three Musicians, and The Old Guitarist

We were planning a lesson on Bouquet of Peace
but our students were more interested in Picasso's Guitar collages,
so we switched gears and our first graders began to design
their own interpretation of Picasso's Guitar, 1912.

We let our firsties choose their own colored paper for their guitar collages.
We had tables filled with different colored tones of blue scrapbook paper to represent his
Blue Period and natural tones similar to the colors in the Guitar.  
Check out their amazing work below. The results were dramatic! 

 Everyone was successful with their expression of Cubism! 
The directions for this art project and two more Picasso inspired works of art 
are available in our BRAND NEW Meet Pablo Picasso unit on TPT! 
He is one of the featured artists in our new Famous Artists Series! 

We can't wait to show these off at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference!!! 
Sign up for our session and join us to get your art on! 
Hope to see you there!