Friday, October 16, 2015

Halloween Treats!

Look at this spooky Mummy Candle Holder!  The idea came to us when we were looking at a Pottery Barn Catalog.  To make these you will need mason jars, googly eyes, gauze bandages, and Mod Podge.  You will also need a paintbrush and a hot glue gun.

First, glue gun googly eyes to the mason jar.
Second, paint the mason jar with Mod Podge.
Third, wrap the jar with the gauze bandages.
Finally, paint the gauze with Mod Podge.  Allow to dry!
We are using the flameless candles and sending them home as a Halloween treat!

We have been busy getting our classrooms ready for Halloween and wanted to show some of our academic Halloween projects!  Our first Halloween project was a Witch Glyph.  The kids had a great time making their witches and the parents have been having a blast trying to figure out which witch is their child's!

In addition, we made math spiders!  Our firsties chose a number between 5 and 12 and then wrote four addition and four subtraction problems that equaled their spider number!  Our TK kiddos made the spiders as well.  They used dots to show different ways to make the number 8.

We started a new Halloween Count and Rhyme book.  We are using this book as we do many of our journals.  We bound the books and students are completing one page a day and we will be finished in time for the kids to take the book home on October 30th.

Today we read Pumpkin, Pumpkin and our firsties started 3D pumpkin life cycles.  We will be adding the stems and leaves on Monday!  They are time consuming but they will look great hanging in your classroom!  If you want to try them you can get the instructions and templates here!  Hope you enjoy your treats!  Happy Haunting!

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