Friday, October 23, 2015

Easy Graveyard Dessert!

My kids decided that they needed to have a special Halloween dessert for their class 
Halloween Party.  We found Peeps Marshmallow Gravestones at Target and decided to 
make individual pudding graveyards.  It was easy and fun for my kiddos.  

To make these you will need instant chocolate pudding, 
Peeps Marshmallow Gravestones, Brach's Pumpkins, green sprinkles, 
milk, and clear plastic cups.

Make the pudding according to the package.  
Pour the pudding into the plastic cups.  
Add a gravestone to each cup.  
Sprinkle the top with the green sugar, add a candy pumpkin and your dessert is complete!

Hope your kiddos like this project as much as mine did!  Happy Halloween!