Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Reindeer Glyphs!!

So we finally found an easier way to do our reindeer glyph!  The rainy weather had us inside so we decided to let our firsties do an art project (little did they know they were also doing math)!  During center time students completed the reindeer glyph worksheet.  Then each student wrote their name in the center of each of the 8 pieces they had to cut out.  Once they had cut the pieces out we paper clipped them to their worksheet and headed for lunch.  After lunch we assembled the reindeer one step at a time.  We started by designing our bow ties!  Then we carefully glued each piece of our reindeer glyph together.  They did such a great job following directions!  Our only problem was a little too much glue on a few of our reindeer.  We are going to hang our reindeer in the North Pole Stables as soon as the weather dries up!  If you want to try this project we have it available on our TPT store or by clicking here!