Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fire and Floods and Slides Oh My!

The rain finally showed up today in sunny California and the weather changed quickly from being in the 80's over Thanksgiving Day to the low 60's.  The rain brought landslides and downed power lines to Malibu, closing Pacific Coast Highway to traffic and making parents very late for pick-up. Our quick thinking staff sent out a rolling phone message to have parents come pick up students early.  The teachers gathered all of their  students together to watch  a holiday DVD in the cafeteria, as a few of us lucky ones braved the elements and ran kids to their parents in waiting cars at the pick up line. Yes, I was one of the lucky ones. Next time I will remember to bring my umbrella!  Soaked and a little bit tired it felt great to finally head home and sit by the fire with a cup of hot tea. I guess we will see what tomorrow brings... just one of the hazards of working in beautiful Malibu.  Maybe school will be closed tomorrow... can we say MUD DAY!