Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We Love Dice !

Our obsession with dice began years ago...

One of our former grade level partners and still a wonderful 2nd/3rd grade teacher at our school, had a Casino Night company that she helped run on the weekends.  They had lots of dice and lots of playing cards!  We used them in class to enhance our math instruction!

Our cool dice collecting began ages ago at the annual Math Conference in Palm Springs, California.  Kim Sutton, a fabulous presenter, sold all kinds of dice at her booth...doubles dice, triple dice.  Now I buy dice whenever I see them...big, small, foam, etc!!!

A few weeks ago we began teaching the "Doubles" math fact strategy and pulled out some of our old favorites and added a new thematic game (including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Stars) to our collection. Our kids love playing Doubles Dice!  It's fun and some of them really need practice mastering those facts! Our Doubles Dice packet is available at our TPT store or by clicking here.

We've also been inspired by other teacher bloggers and Pinterest to make our own cool dice holders! We've used small containers from the 99 Cents Store and mini snack containers (by Ziploc for example) to hold two or three dice for our games.  The containers have actually worked better than the more expensive dice within dice because our kids get so excited and roll them so hard that very often a side will pop out and they end up loosing the tiny dice :( .

We revamped our Dynamite Doubles Graphs
*Thanks for the cute clipart:  
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The easier version uses doubles for numbers 1 to 6.

The more challenging version uses doubles for numbers 1 to 12.
Click here to get both Dynamite Doubles Graphs free!

We also have a Turkey Math Freebie for you!  Click here for this fun math addition fact practice sheet!