Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We Are Thankful... For YOU!

With Thanksgiving a week away we wanted to be sure to thank everyone who has taken the time to view our blog and decided that this was the perfect way to do just that!

We used this frame to teach our students how to use commas to separate items in a list.  First we had them draw one thing they were thankful for in each of the three leaf frames.  Then we had them write a sentence stating the three things they were thankful for using commas and the word and correctly to list them!  We worked in small groups so we were able to carefully focus on the proper use punctuation and penmanship!

After we completed the sentences we had our firsties make these easy Pilgrims to display their writing.  We hung some on our bulletin board and hung others from the ceiling to make our rooms more festive for our Thanksgiving Feast!  If you want to try this project the writing frame is available for free by clicking here.  You can also grab the Pilgrim craft templates by clicking here!  We hope you like the project!  We would be very thankful if you would follow our blog and/or our TPT store!  Have a happy Thanksgiving!