Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Turkey Time !!!

Last week we dove into Thanksgiving even though we had barely recovered from Halloween and Fall conferences!

Turkey Math Glyph Bulletin Board

We began with our silly Turkey Math Glyphs...looking at them just makes everyone smile!  The kiddos had a great time completing the glyph worksheet and then creating their own original turkey that tells all about them!

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Next we morphed last year's Thanksgiving Craftivity (click here) into a word families lesson! We actually did this in two sessions. First, we had the kids make the turkeys.  

Next, in small groups we handed out turkey pilgrim hats with word chunks (-at, -ell, -id) on them.  We focused on short vowels and gave every child a different word family to work on.  Students wrote their word family words on the worksheet. 

You can decide what works best for your class - sticking with one vowel sound might be appropriate depending on your students' ability levels.  Doing this activity in a small group (ours actually had 8 students, not so small!) worked well as we were able to give hints for some of the more challenging word families.  **I often google "words that rhyme with ___" if I can't come up with words and hints!**  After we checked the word lists, students wrote a word on each feather. 
One of our students came up with a fun, creative name for our project! He told his group, "We're making Word Birds!" Download this fun learning project as a free addition to our Thanksgiving Craftivity by clicking here or add it to your own turkey.

Pattern Block Turkeys

More turkey mania!! Next we began working on our Pattern Block Turkeys.  This year we put them on black plates...we think it looks a little better!  The black background seems to make the colors pop out more! Each child completed a tally chart and graph to show what shapes they used to design their turkey's tail feathers! 

Our Pattern Block Turkey is available at our TPT store or by clicking here.

We are also working on our First Thanksgiving Alphabet Book. We have students do a page a day...it's great printing practice and we do a directed draw which the kids love!!!  Everyone is successful!

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