Tuesday, February 11, 2014

President's Day Fun!

It is all about President’s Day in our classes today!  We started with a directed draw of ourselves as President of the United States.  Students then dictated what they would do if they were president!  Some comments were very serious and others were very appropriate for first graders!  They will make an adorable bulletin board.

Next we learned about Abraham Lincoln.  We read Abe Lincoln’s Hat by Martha Brenner and a non-fiction book we wrote as part of our President’s Day packet.  We brainstormed a list of facts we had learned about Abraham Lincoln.  Then students completed an All About Abraham Lincoln rough draft.  They wrote a topic sentence, three facts, and ended with a concluding sentence.   We edited the rough drafts and the students recopied them.  We hung them up with our Honest Abe Craftivity.  If you like this project it is all part of our President’s Day Mini Unit.  You can find it at our TPT store or by clicking here.  There is also a book on George Washington and a George Washington Craftivity included in the unit as well as several easy to use worksheets.  Hope you have a great President’s Day Weekend!  We are off to Legoland!