Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Birthday George!

This week, since were are not off on "ski week", we are finishing up our President's Day mini-unit!  We made these adorable George Washington Crafts last week but ran out of time so they sat in a pile for a while.  We almost finished the rough drafts on Friday but not quite!  Today we edited and recopied our paragraphs in centers.  It was so exciting!  All but two kids were able to write an informational paragraph about George Washington!  Penmanship is a big problem with our little ones this year so we have been using our final draft writing time as a printing review and practice time.  It is definitely helping!!!

We did this project a little differently than other writing assignments.  After reading a biography on George Washington, one that taught me some new and hopefully true facts, the students brainstormed a list of facts they remembered from the story.  We didn't write these in complete sentences, the kiddos had to do that, most of them were able to do this.  We did have to do some major peer and teacher/student editing with a couple of students who didn't put a subject in any of their factual sentences, but for the most part they all did great!

Today our student copied their paragraphs onto the publishing paper and we hung them up above their desks!  They were very excited because they got to stand on their chairs to read their desk partner's paragraph!  Our whole unit is available at our TPT store or by clicking here.  If you only need a publishing paper for a paragraph you can grab a freebie here!