Monday, February 10, 2014

Lots of Love for Valentine's Day!

Cupid has arrived!  We decorated Valentine's Day bags last Thursday and our kids started "mailing" their valentines today.  You can feel the excitement in the air!

To practice skip counting in a festive way, our students made heart butterflies.  After the children decorated them we worked as a whole group to count their antennae by twos.  Each time we glued a new butterfly to our chart we recounted how many butterflies we had by ones and their antennae by twos.  At the end we wrapped up by coloring in the numbers you say when you count by twos on a one hundred chart.

Many of our kids are having a challenging time with balance equations:  7+2 = 4+5.  As part of our Valentine's Day Math Games packet we have several LOADS OF LOVE activity sheets to help our students master this skill.  

Today we started by having the kids use hearts to create 2 wheelbarrow equations that are "carrying the same load".  Visit our TPT store to get this easy to use game packet or click here.

The Valentine's Day Math Game packet also includes activities to help your students practice and review :

More Than, Less Than, & Equal To

Fact Families

Place Value 

and Word Problems

Click here to purchase this packet or visit our TPT store.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!!