Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tangled Rudolph

Reindeer Math Craftivity

Yesterday our K students had fun making a Rudolph craft. Today we finished it in our math center while working on subtraction. Each student was given a copy of a 10 frame made with holiday lights.  I slipped each one into a plastic cover so we will be able to use them for the rest of the week.  The students each had a number cube that they rolled. They subtracted this number from 10. They wrote the equation and crossed off the lights with a dry erase marker to solve the problem.  

After many rounds of practice, we read the Rudolph problem together from our TPT packet, Reindeer Math Craftivity. The students then solved the problem and recorded their answers on the activity worksheet.  They then glued that number of lights paper lights around the Rudolph craft from the day before.  I added black yarn and they turned out adorable! If you would like to purchase this activity, you can visit our TPT store or click here!