Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hanukkah, Hats, and a little HO, HO, HO!!!

The smell of latkes was in the air as our 1st grade students read their non-fiction mini Hanukkah books and completed a fact sheet for their Holidays Around the World Suitcase Journal. Students enjoyed a latke with applesauce and played the dreidel game. We saved ourselves some time and bought the latkes from Trader Joe's. They are in the frozen section (we found them with breakfast foods)! 10 minutes in the oven and they are a delicious treat! If you want to try the mini book and fact sheet you can get it from our TPT store by clicking here. We have a total of 5 holidays up now and will be putting up 2 more in the next few days!  

Yummy Latkes and Applesauce

The count down to 2014 has begun!  Our students created these adorable countdown mats today!  We had everyone write two things they wanted to learn in 2014 and put that on the mat with the hat, instructions, and a bag of tissue squares.  We put them up on our lower bulletin boards so the kids can continue to add the tissue paper flowers to their hats.  We are going to send them home with the kids to complete over winter break.  If you want this activity you can get it from our TPT store by clicking here.  We also have a Snowman Countdown to Winter Activity available. 
Check it out by clicking here

Countdown to 2014 Bulletin Board

Reindeer are running around in our North Pole Stables!  We made these adorable glyphs to decorate our door.  Students completed the glyph worksheet first.  This made it easier for us to pass out the correct papers to the students.  We put all the pieces in baggies to make the process run even smoother.  We found that having the students cut out all the pieces first made the assembly of the reindeer a breeze!   The only pieces we did not put in the baggies were the candy canes.  We glue gunned them onto the reindeer so they would not fall off.  Tape would work as well.  We made our door into a stable to finish the look!  
If you want to try this glyph you can get it on our 

TPT store by clicking here.

North Pole Stables!