Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Skip Counting Rudolph!!!

We had so much fun making these hands and feet Rudolph Reindeer today!  The students began by cutting out a brown shoe shape and then a red circle for a nose.  They glued the nose to the narrow end of the shoe shape.  Then they used black hand for the antlers.  We used the die-cut hands but they could cut out their own as well.  Once they had glued the hand onto the back of the reindeer we had them design their own eyes.  Some students used two circles- one blue and one white but others just used a white circle.  They added a black pupil in the center of the white circle and glued them onto the front of the reindeer.  Students then came to the rug and we counted the reindeer and the reindeer eyes.  Each student added their reindeer to the class number line and completed a tag that told how many reindeer and eyes were on the number line.  We hung it in the window and they couldn’t wait to bring in their parents to show off their work.  If you want to try this activity you can grab it for free on our TPT store or by clicking here!  

Hope you enjoy it!