Saturday, October 11, 2014

Color Poem Craft: Thanksgiving Comes Early!

In TK we have been practicing reading color poems to learn color names and introduce sight vocabulary words. Every student gets a chance to be the teacher and using a pointer leads the class in the different color poems. As a child "successfully" reads the poem, they receive a "feather" for that color to add to their peacock. Students also follow-up with an activity by making their own color book to practice at home.
Color Word Books Avaliable at our TPT store
In the past I have used construction paper peacocks and added real feathers to make the peacocks but it becomes messy and the students have a really hard time gluing on the feathers. I saw these colorful peacocks this year on and loved them. What a clever way to reuse those paint chips! My students loved being able to see the peacock's feathers grow each week as they learned a new poem. They were so excited to take them home when we finished with the last color. I loved it too when I overheard one of the mothers say "This TURKEY is so cute, I'm going to put it out for Thanksgiving!" You can't beat that...a 2 for 1 craft!