Monday, December 12, 2016

Gingerbread Detectives!

Need a cute, easy Language Arts Activity?
Our school is using Thinking Maps and 
Write From The Beginning and Beyond and 
we are loving it!
We recently had a training for Write From The Beginning and are focusing on using 
mini lessons to help with writing.
We combined two mini lessons for this cute activity. The focus was on ending punctuation and capital letters. We begin each school day with our daily news. Our Busy Bee of the day helps us fill in information as he/she reads the news to classmates. After we completed our daily news, we read The Gingerbread Man. Any version or book will work!

We printed out a copy of our daily news, a copy of each page of text from The Gingerbread Man, and our detective work began! We talked about ending punctuation and the students helped highlight the periods and exclamation marks on the daily news.

Next, we sent pairs of students back to their desks 
to highlight the ending punctuation 
on their page of the Gingerbread Text.
Our next step was to underline the "capital" ("uppercase", "big") letters on our daily news. 
After we found and discussed each capital letter, 
the kids were ready to search their 
own text for capital letters.

They were so engaged and excited! Gingerbread Man cookies for all the detectives were well deserved!

The next day we worked on reading comprehension by putting all of the text passages in sequential order! This poster is hanging in our classroom for kids to refer to and read!

Hope you are enjoying the holidays with your class!