Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Come On A Safari With Us!

Countdown Fever!
12 days until our open house!
21 more days of school!

We spent Saturday morning at school doing some open house prep!

We spray painted palm fronds 
for our 
Savanna Safari Masks project.

Today our students began painting the zebras, lions, and cheetahs! 
So much fun and oh so cute!

We also hung up our darling directed draw giraffes! 
Aren't they beautiful!

We talked about how each giraffe is unique, just like each of us!
Here is a sketch of our directed draw steps:

We traced over each child's drawing with a sharpie. 
Then our artists used crayons to color eyes white and black, 
inner ears pink, and spots yellow or brown.  
Next they used watercolors to paint their giraffes. 
When the giraffes were dry they painted the background.

We just put the final touches on our Grasslands Unit!

Click here to go on safari with us! 
It's a super fun way to end the year! 

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