Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Desert Unit is finally ready!

Ready for some DESERT fun?
Our first graders are having a great time learning about the desert habitat! 
We began reading The Desert Habitat book from our unit 
and also shared some other wonderful books about the desert.  
Our kids really enjoyed the riddles in Guess Who's in the Desert!

We are truly excited about the learning we are seeing using Thinking Maps! 
After our introduction we used a modified Circle Map to help our two classes 
get ready to write a paragraph about the desert habitat.

Our Water Storage investigation was a home run! 
All the information you need is included in our Desert Habitat unit
We bought sponges at Trader Joe's and used clear cups left over from our Valentine's celebration. 
We used two Bubble Maps with this investigation to help students complete their observation sheets.

We read Cactus Hotel just before the investigation which was full of factual information. 
Our students loved drawing pictures of their own Saguaro Hotels with all kinds of guests!

Visit our TPT store to get our cross-curricular unit focusing on the Desert Habitat.
The 130+ page unit includes Language Arts, Math, Science, and Art activities!
It can be used as part of study of several habitats or as a thematic unit on the desert.