Monday, August 17, 2015

Classic Polka Dot Cubbies

We are still trying to get our rooms ready for the start of school!

Continuing on with our Black and White Polka Dot Theme we used Scotch Duck Tape to give our cubbies a refreshing new look.

Our cubbies our 20 plus years old and were beginning to look their age.  To spruce them up we used black and white polka dot duck tape and laminated construction paper!

First we taped the edges of the cubbies with with duck tape.  Next we cut laminated construction paper down to fit in the cubbies.  Using a hot glue gun we glued the construction paper onto the bottom of the cubbie.  We are going to use the black an white polka dot labels from our post on August 16, 2015 as name labels on our cubbies!