Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A New Journal Idea!

If you are like us you can't stand having your students write on newsprint.  It looks messy, rips easily, and is the wrong size to bind into a journal.  We have always photocopied paper and then bound it into a writing journal!  This year we found another way to create fabulous writing journals!  We found these primary writing journals at the 99 cents only store!  They have 160 pages and a place for our students to illustrate their writing.  They also have an alphabet printing guide on the inside cover.  We didn't like the covers so we covered them with contact paper.  It was really easy!! We cut the paper to 9 1/2" by  6 1/2" and covered only the cover so our students could use the printing guide if necessary.  We are using these journals for our Weekend News so we printed some "Weekend News" labels and our journals were complete!