Sunday, January 19, 2014

Snowman Math Glyph Craftivity

Wednesday was a hot day in Malibu!  To cool off we created a wonderful snowman glyph to display on our door!  Luckily our snowmen didn't melt away!

On Tuesday, our first graders began by completing a glyph worksheet.  We have found that completing the worksheet the day before the project makes the preparation for the glyph easier.  We tally up how many of each piece we need and what colors things need to be.  This time we put all the supplies in a ziploc baggie with the students name and glyph worksheet in it.  It made the set up so easy!  The students began by writing their names on all their pieces and then cutting them out.  Once everyone had everything cut out be began to assemble the snowman one step at a time.  Once they had made their glyph we completed a graph worksheet about our class based on the information provided by the glyph.  The graphing exercise was hard for them.  We used the pocket chart and little snowmen die cuts to show how many students belonged in each category.  The students then recorded the information on their individual graph.
 Once the graphs were completed the students answered questions about the graph.  We decided to hang the snowmen on the door with the Glyph Key and asked parents to find their child's snowman.  Students were dragging their parents up to the classroom to make them "guess"!  They all had a lot of fun.  If you want to try this glyph it is available on our TPT store or by clicking here.  Continuing with our snowman theme we also have a great skip counting snowman freebie.

 You can grab that here.