Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Math Activities

We are so excited to finally have our blog up!!!

For the past two weeks our first graders have been working on Thanksgiving activities. 

Each month our students create a glyph!  This month we were so pleased with the results!  These 3-D turkey glyphs turned out adorable!  They are even cuter when you add a real feather to the turkey if you have some available. 

Aren’t they great!  You can find this project on our TPT store by clicking here.   We hope your students enjoy it as much as ours did!

Continuing with our math theme, our students created Pattern Block Turkeys and graphed the information.  We used a paper plate instead of construction paper so the turkey body stood out from the pattern block tail.  Before students attached the body to the tail they completed a tally mark chart of the shapes they used.  Students used this worksheet to record the information on the graph.  They were so focused on designing their turkey tails you could hear a pin drop!  It was the perfect day for a visit from the principal! 

You can find this activity on our TPT store or by clicking here! 

Hope you enjoy it.  
Be sure to check back for more fun activities!!!